Monday 21 May 2018


Giving a Spring refresh to my space with the help of the print haven that is 

I'm collaborating with my pals at Desenio to offer you 25% off prints. Simply use the code sophlalook25 to take advantage of the promotion between 22nd to 24th May. 

Discount is valid on most prints (Excludes handpicked and collaboration prints, and doesn't include frames).

Read on to hear more about my choices!..

I've become obsessed with 'arty' prints lately, and wanted to layer some bold colour and movement over the largely muted tones of my existing gallery wall. I chose a few different painting prints, all in totally contrasting yet complimentary styles, to create an eclectic mix that updated the space. 

The multicoloured, 80s-inspired, abstract print is something totally different to what I already had, and it really caught my eye. I love the informal splash of colour it adds to the wall; it really lifts the colour palette and threads all the elements of the room together.

The pool painting also added a bit of depth to the wall, and was something different to the plethora of swimming pool photographs available (although I also love these too!) This particular piece stood out to me though, I was really drawn to the Hockney-eqsue 60s Pop Art vibes.

Continuing the artsy trend, the simplistic figure line drawing adds that sense of movement. I think this contrasts perfectly with the zen and calming 'Lune' moon print. I got the moon print in the biggest size available, and framed in gold to create a real statement piece. Both of these prints are more on the monochromatic end of the spectrum, and balance out the brighter pops of colour on the wall. 

In terms of framing, I love to mix up the frames' colours and textures to create a slightly more eclectic, less uniform look. The gold frames especially add a bit of luxe to the prints and a sleek, polished finish to the overall aesthetic. 


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