Thursday, 28 July 2016


Shashi were kind enough to send me a selection of beautiful Rose Gold pieces!

All their jewellery is hand-crafted in New York, but inspired by the beauty and cultures of exotic locations all over the world! I love this globally inspired approach, and their unique blend of ethnic influences and minimal designs.

Their gold jewellery is 18K plating on Sterling Silver, something which is really important to me for everyday wear as my skin is super sensitive to harsh metals!

I decided to go for all rose gold - it has to be my favourite shade of gold as it's that little but more unique and looks beautiful paired with mixed metals.
For my fair skin tone I think the blush tones of Rose Gold are also really flattering. The shade softens the look of mixed metals, and bridges the gap between white and yellow gold perfectly!

The Bezel Ring and accompanying bracelet (similar here and here) are both bejewelled with beautiful Cubic Zirconia crystal detailing, encased in understated rose gold designs.  I don't usually wear crystals, instead opting for minimal mixed metals, but the jewel detailing on these delicate stacking rings really caught my eye. The overall effect is super subtle, and the ornate jewelled bracelet complements the rings perfectly. 

Such a unique and interesting design, this bracelet has really changed up my daily jewellery routine. I used to just go for simple, minimal bangles, but this adds some unique and intricate detailing to my look!

The beauty of these stacking rings is there are so many different ways to wear them - I am constantly switching it up - they can be worn separately for a subtle, understated effect, or stacked in 2s or 3s for a real statement look. 

Check out Shashi NYC's instagram and explore their shop to browse the whole range of their beautiful pieces!



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