Monday 11 July 2016


This has to be the simplest 'ice cream' recipe out there, also known as nice cream, the base is just pure frozen banana whizzed up in a food processor! It's amazing how thick and creamy the finished product is, and it's a super versatile base with endless flavour possibilities!... Here I show you how to make these cute banana sundaes with four different flavour combinations...  

You will need:
Approx. 1-2 cups of frozen banana slices per sundae

For the banana base prep:

- Take approx. 8 bananas (makes 4 sundaes)
-Wait until your bananas are ripe and ready to go (yellow with brown spots, no green in sight!) 
- Slice up the ripe banana and pop into a tupperware pot and into your freezer. 
-Leave for a few hours until frozen through (preferably overnight)]

For the flavours...

Chocolate Flavour
3-4 heaped tsp Cacao or Cocoa Powder 
Syrupy sweetener of choice to taste (I recommend Maple Syrup or Sweet Freedom, a fruit based syrup)

Raspberry Flavour
A handful of frozen raspberries, add less for a more creamy texture and pastel colour, and more for a more sorbet like effect and deep, red hue as I have done here. Strawberries or blueberries would also be a great option

Matcha Flavour
1 level tsp matcha green tea powder
Syrupy sweetener of choice to taste

Banana Flavour
No additions necessary with this one! 
If you want to spice it up try adding ground cinnamon, ginger or cardamom

For the toppings:
You can really be as adventurous as you like with what you sprinkle on top, but for inspo I used the following:
- Freeze-dried rasperries/strawberries and cacao nibs on the chocolate sundae
- Coconut chips and pistachios on the raspberry sundae
- Goji Berries and freeze-dried rasperries/strawberries on the matcha sundae
- Toasted cashew nuts, toasted sesame seeds and coconut chips on the banana sundae

So now for the making... 
- Simply pop the banana chunks into the food processor and blend it all up - this can be a bit tricky and you do need quite a strong food processor - a food processor definitely works better here than a blender which can quite easily overheat...
Perseverance is key with the blending part, you may have to stop a couple of times and smoosh the mixture down a bit to keep it churning.
You will know when the banana ice cream has formed when the colour suddenly lightens to a pale, cream and the texture goes super thick and creamy - it is a magical moment!

- Once you reach this stage you are ready to add any flavour combos you want, simple add in the powders or extra berries you have chosen and whizz up again until all is combined. 

note: For the matcha sundae, and when using cacao or cocoa powder these flavours can be quite bitter - the bananas are very sweet themselves so sometimes this is enough to sweeten, but if not I would recommend adding a dash of a syrup-based sweetener as this is smooth in texture so you can avoid any lumps and bumps!

- Finally, once you have created you finished nice cream you are now ready for the fun part, which is sprinkling on your chosen toppings! Be as creative as you like with this, I find nuts work amazingly to add a bit of texture and flavour contrast, and freeze dried fruits are great to add a bit of colour and sweetness as a healthy alternative to sprinkles! 

My favourite had to be the toasted cashews and sesame seeds - toasting these lightly in a pan before adding to the sundae really enhanced their flavours, and they complimented the natural banana sundae perfectly!

Mmmm mmm MMMM!


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