Thursday 8 September 2016


Staying hydrated and drinking tonsss of water is my number 1 tip for clear skin. It sounds way too easy, but I notice a real difference when I make the effort to do this - glowing skin definitely comes from within, and no amount of lotions or potions can compensate for that! If you’re anything like me you already know all this... you know you need water and lots of it.... but you just find it soooo boooooring! 

It tastes of nothing, and forcing yourself to drink it can seem like a chore, so you only reach for it when you’re really in need, but remember - as soon as you feel thirsty you are officially dehydrated! You don’t want to rely on that feeling to remind you to have a sip! It’s always a good idea to have an incentive to keep reaching for it, and when it tastes this delish you won’t need a reminder...

I have a major sweet tooth, and love sugary juices and smoothies, but always try to treat these as added extras - it’s tempting to pick these over water, but I have a few tips and tricks to make plain old water just that little bit more appealing!

These ideas can be bottled and taken with you on the go, kept in your fridge at home, or in your water bottle at your desk!

Let’s start with the one I’m sipping on right now, my favourite and probably the simplest of the 3 options, cucumber water:

Refreshing Cucumber Water

This is a really light and fresh flavour that is not at all over-powering but somehow makes the water feel even more hydrating!
To create this concoction is so quick and easy, you simply take a veg peeler and run it along the length of a cucumber to form thin strips.
Pop these in a jug, fill with water and you will get these fancy looking cucumber spirals filling up the bottle!
Store in the fridge for on-hand hydration at all times. It will keep for a few days in the fridge 

Next up is this flavoursome fruit water with strawberries and lime:
 Fruity Strawberry & Lime Water

This is definitely the sweetest of the lot, although the lime adds a sharp and zesty twist! It’s amazing how much of the fruity flavour is absorbed, yet it is so much lighter and healthier than a sugary or artificially sweetened squash!
Simply remove the green bits from a few strawbs and chop them up, then cut a few slices of lime and pop in your water! Like the cucumber this can be kept in the fridge and topped up for 2-3 days, so you can get your money’s worth from the fruit slices!

Finally, make your water just that little bit more cleansing with Lemon and Mint:

 Cleansing Lemon & Mint Water

This is a super refreshing and tangy mix, and also an amazing detox water!
Mint leaves are often used in detox teas as they are naturally great digestifs, and lemon is the perfect cleanser. This one is great first thing in the morning, or in the evening after supper. Slice up some lemon and throw in a few sprigs of fresh mint (the smallest leaves are usually the sweetest). Then just add the cold water! I always have a fresh mint plant on hand as it is so useful for flavouring dishes and adding to salads or dips, and perfect for throwing into a mug of boiled water to make a simple fresh mint tea!

There are so many ideas out there to jazz up your water and make it that little bit more tasty! The possibilities are endless, so mix it up, get creative and find that perfect combo that inspires you to stay hydrated! x

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