Saturday 6 August 2016


& Other Stories is one of my all time favourite high street stores, but whilst it is known for its beautiful on-trend fast fashion and luxe basic pieces, it is the interior and aesthetics of the Beauty section of the store which keeps me going back again and again! Walking around the shop is an absolute pinterest- level dreamy - from the minimal decor to perfectly placed accents of foliage, it is more than worthy of a cheeky instagram!

The beauty products have the most beautiful and understated packaging, allowing you to bring a little snapshot of that minimal aesthetic into your own bathroom.. Perhaps more importantly, the products themselves are amazing, with an extensive range of scents to choose from, I can spend hours perusing their offerings!

Read on for my current fave picks...

Fig Fiction 
Other Stories' Fig Fiction range is on constant replenishment in my shower - I just can't be without this stuff!

The Body Wash is a daily essential for me, it's a lightly perfumed, super fresh smelling shower gel; the perfect everyday scent which makes you feel uber clean with a lovely subtle scent!
The pump on this is also perfect - so so useful and zero faff, as well as looking beaut and minimal in the shower. It's a winner all round in my eyes!

The Body Scrub is the perfect accompaniment to this when you want to take the pampering up a notch. It's a sugar based exfoliator which is gentle yet effective, and amazing at keeping your skin buffed and smooth for the Summer months. I use a small scoop of this stuff once a week and a little really does go a long way. It is a super affordable way of adding a little luxury to your shower routine, and the perfect little matching set which will look adorable on your shower shelf!

Sirocco Sands
By my sink I keep this lovely little duo of Hand Soap and Lotion, with the soft, musky scent of Sirocco Sands. This is a gorgeous woody, warming scent which adds a bit of luxury to the sink side, and will leave your guests smelling delightful! It is a perfect balance between masculine, musky woodiness and a girly, soft, sweet scent, and I've found it's popular with everyone.
My only slight criticism is that the soap can be a bit drying as it is so perfumed, but this is where the lotion really comes into its own! They work so well as a pair and look even better, adding an understated, minimal look to my bathroom. I also keep these body spritzes next to the hand items, they are great for a last-minute spritz before heading out the door, and work perfectly as room sprays too!

Body Mists

Fig Fiction
This is the perfect refreshing summer spritz - it is a light scent which is fruity yet fresh, and it really does smell of fig. Fig is such a unique fruity scent as it is not at all sweet but really refreshing and light, just perfect for splashing on throughout the day to stay cool and smelling divine!

Sirocco Sands
On the other end of the spectrum is this Sirocco Sands body mist, much like its Hand Soap and Lotion equivalent, it is a warming and musky scent, slightly sweet and great for a spritz before heading out for the evening!

Next on my wishlist from their Bath & Body range is the Perle de Coco scent, a delish coconut concoction which looks super nourishing on the skin and perfect for Summer!

Check out their full selection of scents here! x

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